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OMNI, the world’s first technocracy, has risen to unite humanity under one government, social media network, and commerce system. Their applications, released to the public to combat a series of global crises, change human life forever.
            The world gathers virtually and physically in the world’s first fully sentient AI city, at OMNI Fest. The event is a massive music festival and rave near the site of ancient Babylon.
Just prior to the start of the festival, OMNI will reveal THE AUGMENT, their latest application. Anticipation is massive, though little is known about this new tech, which is rumored to alter human lifespans.
            Lead influencer for OMNI Social Media, David Markham, is en route on a private charter from his home in Los Angeles to meet his best friend, and producer, Adam Nason, at the event. He is commissioned to document the proceedings on a livestream for the entire world…

What unfolds is a descent into unspeakable terror, as he unravels the truth behind what OMNI is planning for us all. 

This is an introduction to the OMNIVerse, this is an exploration of the OMNI, Pt. 1 concepts as a piece of fiction. Hard cover, approximately 180 pages.

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